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Education: BA Brown University                
                       MFA UC San Diego
 EXPERIENCE: 14 years tutoring students at the best schools in NY, and LA. 

 SUBJECTS:  SAT, PSAT, ISEE, SSAT, Math: Algebra 1&2, Geometry, Trig, Pre-Calc, Calculus, Physics, Earth Science, Bio, Chem, Writing, English, History, and the arts.  We’ve got you covered. 



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When you go through a Big Tutoring Company, you have no idea who will actually BE your Tutor.

The ONLY way to get a GREAT tutor, is to know who you’re hiring,


“Adam Arian tutored my daughter for three years.

It goes without saying that he is extremely smart.  more important than that, Adam is a truly gifted, natural teacher.   He never loses his cool and is unfailingly nurturing, encouraging, and good-humored, which comes in very handy when dealing with teenagers.  He seems to understand the adolescent psyche.  Believe me, my daughter is not easy to teach and Adam succeeded with her way beyond my expectations.  He managed to keep the sessions light and stress-free and yet accomplish a huge amount of learning and also, very often really inspire Emily. 

I would hire him every day if I could.  He is probably the best thing that has happened to my daughter educationally.  (And she goes to a great school with great teachers - Friends Seminary, in New York) 

I don’t normally gush so much, but it is an invaluable thing to find the right match for your kid for one-on-one teaching and learning and I guess I found the right match with Adam.”       --- Judy Stuchiner,  Friends Seminary, NY

     “It's pretty alarming when your 7 year old is expressing boredom and "hatred" for their schoolwork.  How can anything be boring when you're 7??   In our case, Skye was developing an aversion for math and subsequently, wouldn't apply herself.  We were referred to an unbelievable tutor who, in his first session,  re-established a joy in learning. She loves the sessions and they're working well-ahead of the class curriculum.”  

                                                                                                                                   -- PAIGE SALZMAN, PACIFIC PALISADES, CA

One on One TUTORING that:

-quickly gets to the HEART OF THE MATERIAL

-Inspires and motivates Each student

to reach His or her full potential

-Brings the fun back into learning


       Founder, director, and YOUR TUTOR:           

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